Why It’s Prudent To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

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We always read about car accidents in the news but we never really think of ourselves as possible victims in one of these. Day after day, we drive our cars to and from our offices. We go on errands, meetings, road trips, and other activities not mindful of the dangers on the road. The truth is that we are constantly at risk of being involved in a collision. We need to be careful out there at all times. Of course, we cannot control everything and so it is possible that defensive driving will not be enough. If this happens, we should have a good NYC car accident lawyer on our side.


Sobering Statistics


New York City is one of the biggest urban centers in the world. A Manhattan speeding ticket lawyer should be contacted if needed as its streets are filled with cars and people who are busy trying to shuffle from one place to another for work. Time is gold in this place and you can feel it in the way that everyone is always in a hurry. Sometimes this pace of life can take its toll. There are a lot of accidents around town due to drivers ignoring the traffic lights or the speed limits. They can collide with other cars or injure innocent pedestrians. The consequences of their behavior can be costly in more ways than one.

The yearly average for the state is 146,337 emergency department visits because of car accident related injuries. Most of these victims are young adults and teenagers. There were more females than males. The vast majority of these people were able to go home quickly after receiving medical attention. However, as much as 15,435 had to be admitted to the hospital for further treatment and observation. Here the coin is flipped with more males requiring intensive care due to the gravity of the trauma. The annual death average was 1,464 with the most vulnerable being young adults and the elderly. These stats have remained fairly consistent with time.


Insurance Claims



The state of New York has made it a requirement for every motorist to get an insurance policy before they can be issued a license to drive. This law applies to everyone with no exception. At the very least, drivers must have liability coverage which can be used to provide funds for the victims in case the motorist causes an accident. It’s a rule that is meant to protect the public at large from the dangers of vehicle collisions. People can always get additional coverage to protect their own interests. After all, most crashes result in damage to both parties.

Victims should get the insurance details of the at-fault driver at the scene of the crash. They can use this to file a claim themselves as they are entitled to compensation for medical cost and property damage. People can do this without the help of a lawyer but experts recommend having one anyway. Filing for claims can be a highly technical matter and insurance agents are trained to use these technicalities to the company’s advantage. They can question certain things to lower the pay-out or even deny it in full. Lawyers can help victims avoid their traps so that their claims can be processed without cuts or delays.


Negotiated Settlements


Aside from the insurance claims, victims are also entitled to compensation for a number of damages. This can be pursued through a court case which must be filed within two years from the date of the accident. After this period, the victim forfeits any right to sue for damages. People shouldn’t wait too long, though, because have a case filed is the best leverage one can have to get the other party sit down for a negotiated settlement. This process allows all the parties involved to talk directly and come up with an agreement that is beneficial to both.

The best thing about going this route is that it is so much faster than court cases. There is no need to be bogged down by technicalities and formalities. People can say exactly what they need to and get frank answers. On the other hand, talks can get stalled if neither party is willing to agree to a compromise. It takes a lot of diplomacy and powers of persuasion to complete successful negotiations. It is not advisable for the motorists to handle this on their own as emotions might get in the way. Lawyers with cooler heads and deeper knowledge should handle the matter.


Court Cases

If the negotiations bog down, then the court case proceeds as intended. The burden of proof is always on the accuser so be ready with evidence and witnesses to back up claims. The other side will also present theirs to counter the arguments. This is why it is important for the victim to have presence of mind on the crash scene. If at all possible given the injuries sustained, there should be an effort to survey the situation and gather as much evidence as can be found. This could be as simple as taking pictures of the scene. Getting the details of potential witnesses will also be helpful.

Remember that memories can fade quite quickly. Get a NYC automobile accident lawyer as soon as possible and get the witnesses to sign affidavits while the event is fresh in their minds. This will allow them to provide more details of the crash which the judge will appreciate. File a case right away with the lawyer’s assistance to get the ball rolling. It can drag on for many months during which victims may have a hard time making ends meet with all of their medical expenses. The sooner it’s started, the sooner it will finish and proper compensation will finally be awarded.

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